Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from My Siberian Girlfriends!!!

January 5, 2010


Lilly, my cousin

November 30, 2009

I am glad to introduce you my younger cousin Lilly! She is the sweetest and the kindest person I have ever seen and as you can see one of the most beautiful girls!

She studies in the university and works as a teacher of vocal.

She sings perfectly and write poems. Her dream is to become a famous and successful singer 🙂

But of course her biggest dream is to find the love of her life, pure and everlasting and to have a big family with her beloved man!

And by the way she starts to study English now so she might need some practise 😉

Nastya, a future famous lawyer

November 27, 2009

Nastya is 22 year old Siberian girl, studying law in a State University.

Her dream is to find love and also to become a high-qualified lawyer and get famous jurisprudence.

But I think if she wanted she could easily become the most beautiful and famous actress in the world and it would be no problem with her beauty and itelligence to conquer Hollywood!

Or she could be the best model of all times! All top-models of our days become average when you see her!  What you say, guys? 😉

Lucas from California

November 26, 2009

My trip to Siberia


My story starts with being introduced to a girl from Siberia. She is such a beauty with her fair blond hair and amazing grey eyes. We began chatting online for months and I began planning my trip to Russia. Around this time I found out about Vadim and SiberiaVIP. I began asking him questions about pretty much every single aspect of my trip, from gifts to bring to the best hotel to stay at to an apartment for me, along with a lot of other things. A lot of these details I would not have even thought of myself. Two months later I’m on a flight to Moscow, then to Siberia.

I landed in Moscow and was completely lost, I eventually made my way out of the terminal to another friendly face that had been there waiting for me. Vadim had arranged for a friend in Moscow to take me between the Sheremetyevo terminals for a comparatively small fee. One I was glad to depart with from all of the horror stories I’ve heard of unprepared guys shelling out upwards of $100-$150 for just one 15 minute trip between the terminals. He was also there to make sure I safely made my way back when I was coming home. It really made the difference for me to have someone I had chatted with before help me out there.

I ended up on a special plane from Moscow to Siberia, when we arrived there was a very large crowd, along with TV cameras and a huge crowd, I was on the same airplane as one of the gold medalists from the recent Olympics! Even with this crowd Vadim picked me right up and introduced himself, at this point I knew my friend and instantly felt better. From then on we gathered my luggage and we headed to the hotel for some much needed rest.

Hotels in Siberia are still pretty expensive. Their worth comes into play due to the paperwork needed to register your visa and process your arrival paperwork. This takes them a few hours to do and then you are good and processed, so it is good to stay at a hotel for one night or two to get this all taken care of. Beyond that is why you have SiberiaVIP working for you, they are able to find you an apartment somewhere in a good, downtown location, for a price that is much less than a hotel, so much less that it offsets much of the cost of the SiberiaVIP service. This was true from my experience at least.

After I had rested we began our scouting for good cafes and restaurants to take my girl that I was determined to impress. This continued throughout my trip there and I can still remember the ambiance of most of the places. It makes it so much easier to take a girl somewhere that you have already been to and are a little familiar with, every little bit helps.

I was lucky in that the girl I was seeing at the time spoke English, however we mingled with other girls and it was so much easier with a translator than having to try and figure out common words that a girl could understand. A lot of the younger girls know some basic English but the conversation will be very simple, with a translator a lot of more detailed information can be exchanged much more clearly and quickly then trying to use any kind of English-Russian dictionary or device. Add along that you are able to have and hire a translator with you which makes you all the more impressive.

I had a girl at the time but it didn’t work out. Unfortunately things just don’t sometimes. I actually wish I had not met any girls before going. I met soo many wonderful amazing girls while I was there. There are girls from the wild party girls to have a fun trip with to the hold onto forever loving wives and mothers. Most you will not meet online anywhere but simply run into in a café, restaurant, or any of the other events happening in any large city. There really are a lot of them there too. I mean the first waitress at the first meal I ate at the hotel café was simply gorgeous. Blue eyes, long brown hair, beautiful body, if I would have gone to meet girls there she would have been A1 on my list, and this was my first day there!

I quickly noticed girls are different in Russia! They share many commonalities with the women here with one major exception, they love to be feminine. High heels, dresses, walks that could kill, coy, graceful, everything you wish American women were but aren’t. It is a real experience to wrap your head around at the beginning but you very quickly began to realize what you were missing in the states or other westernized society. The girls there are simply girls. They don’t want to compete with you being a man. They want to fill the woman’s role in a relationship and will be perfectly happy doing that. American women compete, Russian women support and love. It is like they are all that you dream about put here on this earth. I am still hooked and blown away to think about what I experience in Siberia.

It is a real different reality there. Women actually enjoy being approached and flirted with. If you think a girl is hot you say it, and she will love it! We have been so conditioned here to be cautious that it takes awhile, but eventually you will realize that as long as you are respectful you can interact with any girl you see, they will simply adore any attention you give to them. I gained a whole new perspective on how things should be, where if you are a decent man women will treat you as such, you’re not assumed to be untrustworthy right from the start.

The club experience was surreal, imagine a large group of beautiful girls showing it off on the dance floor, and now imagine all the guys back at the tables drinking. Well that’s a Russian club scene.  So gather up your courage and jump into the middle of this dance floor, even with no rhythm you are surrounded by incredible girls who want to interact with you simply because you are out there. It is pure bliss. I couldn’t resist it was incredible.

Food is wonderful in Siberia. It is all local grown in Daschas naturally and is some of the best you will ever eat. I miss being able to eat a tomato as if it were candy. Everything there tastes better. I wish the US would return to organic farming, we are missing a lot. The beer is really good too J

As I have alluded too I am going back. I am currently writing few girls but it will not commit anything to any one until I am there and get to experience being single in Siberia. People there, epically out of Moscow, do not get to see many Americans in their life, so you are instantly interesting and will easily be able to engage in conversation with girls (with your interpreter helping.)

If you really still want to try and meet someone online SiberiaVIP will still definitely be able to help you out. For a small set up fees they can set you up a profile in Russian on the Russian dating sites, forget where the scams and the sharks are. For the first 2 weeks I had an online profile set up I was getting 3-5 girls a day sending messages to me! I was simply responding and enjoying the attention J From that pool I found the few that I want to keep contact with and continue to talk to right now. It was definitely worth it not avoid the scams and be able to directly reach out to a lot of these girls. The girls try these sites first before trying the internationally large sites, you will among the first to introduce yourself to them.

I was so very sad to go. I missed all the fun nights at clubs with and without my girl J I missed the beautiful girls waiting on me in the cafes, the wonderful food, and simply being able to enjoy being a man while I was there. SiberiaVIP helps you to understand and motivate you to be a real man and go and talk and flirt with these beautiful girls. Having that motivation really made the trip for me and I can’t wait to go back and finish where I left off.

I am more than willing to answer any questions I am able too at Hope to see you on the other side of the world J


September 10, 2009

Today I’d like to introduce you Daria. She’s 19 years old. In spite of her young age she studies in Omsk Law University and works as a police-woman. Guys, be careful!


She is a great professional dancer as well. Dasha is very purposeful, social and independent. Just a dream-girl!



July 23, 2009

Here’s my groupmate Katya, who had just graduated Foreign languages department in Omsk State University and spends her summertime in USA! Guys, you have a chance! 🙂x_d3bdbc6fShe is 22 and her English is one of the best I’ve ever heard, even from American and Englishmen! Real Siberian beauty!

Siberian Girls

June 16, 2009

I’d like to introduce You my girlfriends from Omsk. I ask them to take a part in the photosession for promotion my project about Russian women “SiberiaVIP” and they were glad to do it. They are very nice girl with wonderful inner world!


Come with me



Hot, aren’t they?

Welcome to SiberiaVIP

Do you agree? 😉